Weekly Nugget

Do not accept or limit yourself to the label people have tagged you with. You are more than what you are now.

Our advice for this week are:

1. Remember “no one can make you feel inferior unless you agree” – Eleanor Roosevelt
2. Keep learning, improve yourself and hone your skills so that you will be competent at what you do.
3. Develop interpersonal and communication skills. These skills will definitely help your confidence.
4. Finally and most importantly, work on your character. Work on it everyday and every time. All other skills pale into insignificance when your character is defective. So start by being honest. Show integrity in everything you say or do as being credible is a key to leaving a lasting impression on people.

Have a good week.

Weekly Nugget

In the light of what happened in the early hours of Sunday the 11th of March when a drunk driver drove against traffic, hit an oncoming bus, killing some and maiming others.

Our advice for this week are:

1. Do not drive and when under the influence of drink or drugs. It is inconsiderate and irresponsible.
2. Do not jump traffic lights. You endanger your life and the life of others if you do so.
3. Obey all traffic rules.
4. Driving is much more than the ability to move a  car, so drive carefully and with respect to other road users.

We all benefit when we do things right.

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Weekly Nugget

Every one of us has our leadership moments because leadership is about influencing people, changing their thoughts, actions and beliefs. Therefore, it important to consider the people under your sphere of influence (siblings, parents, spouses, children, other family members, colleagues, neighbours, friends) and make a conscious effort to influence them positively.

Our advice for this week is to be careful and thoughtful about:

  • what you do
  • what you say
  • how you behave

Your actions, words and behaviour matter.

We all benefit when we do things right!

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Weekly Nugget

When visiting people, there are certain etiquettes that we should observe. These include the following:

1. Do not take a seat before you are offered.
2. Do not touch things like paintings without the consent of your host.
3. Do not go wandering around the place unless you are invited to do so by your host.
4. Lastly, but most importantly do not overstay your welcome.

Remember, we all benefit when we do things right.


Do not react to people or make any decision when angry. More importantly, at the heat of the moment, avoid putting to paper or any electronic device what you might live to regret in the future
Points to remember this week are:
1. Spoken words, as believed by the Yorubas are like eggs. Once said, the damage they may cause is difficult, if not impossible to undo.
2. Written words are permanent even after they have been deleted or seemingly destroyed. Someone might have a copy stored up, printed or archived in the cloud.
3 Take a moment when angry before you speak, write or make a decision.
We all benefit when we do things right

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