Conducting yourself at the cinema

Everybody deserves the opportunity to have time-out, this may vary from person to person and may include going out to the cinema. However, some people who have been to the cinema have had the bad experience of how people around them kept talking whilst the film was ongoing. A one-off case of a little whisper may be easy to excuse, however when it is standard practice then it becomes a social problem that needs to be addressed.

Let us consider this scenario: Bintu and her friend Nike are both looking forward to visiting a popular cinema on Friday evening to watch a newly released film. This film has received so many positive reviews around the world and everyone is talking about it. It is so popular that all the seats were filled ten days early. Being a Friday evening, Nike had to make a telephone booking to ensure she gets two tickets for the 7.30pm show. She has gone all out to ensure that her outing on Friday with her friend is an enjoyable one.

Nike and Bintu met up and made their way to the cinema, the film they are about to watch is titled ‘Greatness’ and it is the story of a young lady who worked hard, sent herself to school, waded through numerous serious challenges in life and has finally succeeded in her career as a top doctor. It is a powerful story of how one can succeed against all odds.

Everyone wanted to see this film as it is a great encouragement to young people about the virtues of hard work and an example of how anyone can achieve their dreams despite everything that may be stacked against them.

Bintu and Nike are now at the cinema armed with a jumbo sized bucket of popcorn and two large Coca Cola. They are set to have a fantastic time and hopefully go back home motivated to make a success of their respective careers.

But the story took a different turn as the couple seated next to Nike seems to be running a commentary on the film. They obviously are enjoying themselves but oblivious of the nuisance that they have become to other movie goers.

A few people started to make the ‘shhh’ sound. This would work for a while a moment of silence, the talking starts all over again. Things got so bad that Bintu who had been quiet all along now began to toss and turn in her seat, trying to catch a glimpse of these people who kept talking.

After trying hard to follow the film in the midst of the constant noisy whispers and the ‘shhh’s from other people, it all came to a head as Nike could no longer enjoy the film and decided to leave the cinema before the end of the movie.

What was meant to be an evening of great entertainment and inspiration turned out to be a nightmare for Nike and Bintu and many others who had not bargained for the side-talk of these two movie goers.

Everyone does have a right to freedom, however, our freedom should not become a nightmare to someone else, otherwise it is no longer real freedom.

Below are a few points to be considered when at the cinema:

You are there to watch a film not to talk, so try to enjoy the movie and leave the comments till after the film.

  • Many people are totally distracted by even the slightest whisper, so do not assume that you are only talking to your friend.
  • A cinema is a public place so please respect other users.
  • Be careful what you say, it may turn out that the next person to you whose face you cannot clearly see is your boss.
  • What goes round certainly comes round, today you may be the one who wants to talk through the movie but tomorrow you may be at the receiving end of someone who wants to talk.
  • Let us do what is right at all times, regardless of how you feel, the cinema is a, place to watch a movie not to talk.
  • Switch off you mobile phone, this is not negotiable; SWITCH OFF YOUR PHONE.
  • Never pick up your phone and try to speak in hushed tones, if you must speak on the phone, please use the nearest exit.

We all benefit when we do things right.