Etiquette for Weddings

It is often said that out of the trio of birth, wedding and death, the one that presents the highest option of choice is your wedding. However, weddings can be tricky if not properly planned. The following are guidelines to making your day and those of your family and friends a grand and memorable one.

Essentials for the Groom
Grooms are often more nervous than the bride. Perhaps, the huge responsibility they have taken on suddenly dawns on them. Some appreciate what is about to happen so much that the wedding day becomes an occasion to be emotional. If you ever want to sight a man crying, you have a good chance of seeing this happen on his wedding day. Emotional or macho, the following are essential guidelines for the groom:

1. Get your suit ready – If you are going for a ‘morning dress’ ensure that you have had it properly measured so that it doesn’t look ridiculous on you. If you had opted for the normal lounge suit, ensure that it is a simple dark blue, black or grey. It is advisable not to go for a suit that will make you hide your wedding pictures from your children in the future.

2. Get a crisp white or blue cotton shirt (single or double cuff). Ensure you get one that fits your neck size.

3. Find an appropriate tie that will complement your look. A bright coloured tie will not be out of place for the above ensemble.

4. Black shoes are non-negotiable for weddings. Please wear black!

5. Be on time, it is contemptible for your bride to arrive before you or for either of you to be late.

The Bride
1. Get a good make-up artiste. Look good, but do not overdo it, you really do not want your face to appear baked.

2. Choose a hair style that fits your face and headdress.

3. Ensure your wedding dress is made to measure or fits properly. If you have bought a ready-made dress, get a tailor to adjust it to fit your shape before the day.

4. Choose comfort over fashion when purchasing your shoes. You want to enjoy your day.

5. Do not leave hair and nails to the last minute. Get a stylist to touch up your hair and help you to get dressed on the day.

6. Buy the best underwear you can afford. They give form to you dress.

The Best Man
1. The Best Man is to ensure that everything goes well with the planning and the execution of the wedding.

2. You should arrange the order of photography and generally be available for the groom and also ensure that ushers know what to do.

3. The Best Man is responsible for the rings and should ensure that they are handed over safely at the appropriate time even if there is a ring bearer present.

The Chief Bride’s Maid
1. The Chief Brides Maid is a maid to the bride and should be at her beck and call.

2. Your role is to serve the bride and to do so effectively, so she must avoid all other distractions.

3. Your other duties include holding the train as the bride enters the church and caring for the bouquet once the service commences.

Wedding Essentials
1. Get good professional photographers and video handlers. Do not compromise on either of these. Do not rely on amateurs.

2. Take as many pictures of the bride and groom together as possible.

3. The groom must invest in a honeymoon. Do not skimp on this; do not postpone it either, it is probably much more important than all the other things around the wedding.

4. Rehearse your wedding vows before the day.

Making a Wedding Speech
1. A speech should be concise, straight to the point and reasonable.

2. Keep it simple and short. Ideally not more than 5 minutes.

3. The groom should give enough time to planning his speech.

4. The bride’s father’s speech, the Chairman’s remarks, the wedding toast and the Best Man’s speech should ideally be between 2-5 minutes. Remember the day belongs to the couple, so keep your speech short, it is not your opportunity to shine.

5. Avoid any offensive or inappropriate jokes or gestures in your speech.

Wedding photo by ATUNBI Photography