Common Sense Campaign (3) – Reading habit

Reading HabitsWhat a book does for you is diverse. Apart from the derived enjoyment, a book creates another world for you, takes you on a journey to destinations and ways of life hitherto unknown. A book also opens up knowledge opportunities invaluable for life and for your personal and professional development.

One more thing. Reading as a habit is one of the surest way to improving your communication skills.

Our advice for the week

1. Pick a book today. Now, in fact! Don’t delay. You will be glad you did.

2. Read widely too – novels, history, memoirs, biographies, magazines etc. Don’t limit yourself to one genre.

3. Plan reading into your daily and weekly routine. That’s the way to make it a habit.

4. Don’t give in to the excuses! “I don’t have the time”, “I can better use my time for other things”, “I have a challenging job” etc. Reading a book is a Quadrant 2 activity i.e. not urgent, but important. You will be glad you develop this habit.

We all benefit when we do things right.

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