Weekly Nugget

When traveling especially abroad, do not carry any parcel or luggage for ANYBODY without making sure you have thoroughly checked them first.
Many people have been implicated in drug cases just because they assisted friends or family members to take a parcel from one place to another without knowing they contained illegal substances.
Our advice for this week is :
1. Do not carry parcels or luggage for anyone without first checking the contents.
2. If the parcel owner declines your request to check what they want to send through you, then don’t take the parcel
3. Do not be sentimental about not wanting to offend  close family members or people you trust.  Someone else might have infiltrated their bag. So check.
4. If you are the one sending something through someone, don’t feel offended they want to check first. In fact, encourage them to do so.
We all benefit when we do things right.
Have a fine week

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