Weekly Nugget – Children should be Seen and Heard

In this part of the world many of us were raised with the notion that
children should be seen and not heard‘, which meant that a child must not speak until spoken to. It also indicates a certain behaviour standard, especially in the company of adults.
This upbringing probably must have contributed to the way some of us:
  1. Lack the ability to communicate and articulate our thoughts effectively.
  2. Find it difficult to question our faulty national systems.
  3. Have outsourced our brains, and are used to not thinking before acting.
  4. Are not confident.
Children are to be seen and listened to. This is how they learn more, build  their communication skills and confidence level.
Our advice this week are:
  • Give your children the opportunity to express their views.
  • Let them join in some of your conversations.
  • Let they be free and confident to talk to you about anything.
  • Give them the opportunity to ask you question without shushing them off.
  • Listen to them.
  • And above all, seek feedback from them and ask for their opinion on matters.
We all benefit when we do things right.

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