Weekly Nugget

When walking on the road, especially in areas without pedestrain walkways, it is wiser to do so facing oncoming traffic, as this gives you the opportunity to establish eye contact with approaching motorists, and also to be able to make a quick judgment to protect yourself if necessary.
We benefit when we do things right


Weekly Nugget

Beyond just speaking a second language, teaching your children your language will help them to know and appreciate the richness of your culture, its proverbs, anecdotes, idioms and body language. This ultimately will make them well rounded adults who are also able to communicate effectively.
The other advantage to your children being able to speak your language is that this gives them a stake in their home country especially if they live abroad.

Teaching them your language does not require an elaborate training. You only need to speak it to them at home, and they will pick it up gradually. Given that children have the capacity to learn several languages at the same time, it is needless to fret about their ability to learn and speak English properly. They can learn both and more at the same time.

Therefore our advice this week is:

  • Teach your children your language by speaking it to them on a daily basis.
  • It is never too late to start. It may mean that you need to do more work, but start.

We all benefit when we do things right.