Weekly Nugget

It is very difficult to tell anyone that they haveĀ  personal hygiene issues particularly body odour. Most people would rather avoid the person than to make a big deal about thisĀ  problem.

The consequence of this is that poor personal hygiene can hinder your career and business progression, as well as your social life.

Therefore, our advice this week are:
1. Shower every day. If you have an evening event and you have been out all day, it makes sense to shower again if possible.

2. Use a safe deodorant.

3. Use a clean underwear every day. Everything and anything can conspire against you to create body odour.

4. Change your tops daily too especially if you live in a place that is sunny almost all year round.

5. Air your suits after each use.

6. Brush your teeth daily and floss regularly. Pop a mint or gum before attempting to speak to someone if you have been quiet for a length of time.

7. After visiting the loo, thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water. This is a safe way of maintaining good personal hygiene.

We all benefit when we do things right

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