Weekly Nugget

The best things in life are not things! They are people. And people are important!

Our advice for this week is to make the effort to show members of your family that they are important to you and that you care about them through the following ways:

1. Tell them you love and care for them as much as possible. Don’t wait till it’s their birthday or funeral to deliver a eulogy.

2. Create quality time to spend with your spouse and children.

3. Make a habit of calling your parents as often as possible. Loneliness is a major bane of old people. So make sure you mitigate this.

4. Don’t exploit, harass, abuse or snub family members, colleagues friends. Remember there are no ordinary people.

We all benefit when we do things right.

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Weekly Nugget

Be careful how you behave around food and freebies.

It is uncultured to fight over freebies or become the person that carts away food at parties.

When attending a party, these points will serve you well:

1. Ensure you eat before you attend a party. You might misbehave if you are hungry.

2. Cultivate the discipline to eat, drink or take just what you should using sensitivity and consideration as your yardstick.

3. Rather than make a scene, it is better to simply overlook it when you are not offered a souvenir at a party.

4. Learn to master your desires

5. More importantly, teach these virtues to your children.

We all benefit when we do things right.

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Weekly Nugget

People are important. The debtor of today can become the Dangote of tomorrow, the funny looking fellow might be your wealthiest client dressing down for that day. We must therefore make a conscious effort to give every customer our best service, no matter how we feel, and whatever is happening around us.

Our advice this week are:
1. Seek to exceed your customers’ expectation. A major marketing tool is ‘word of mouth’ which your customers will give if they are satisfied with your service.

2. Good customer service can help a customer overlook or accept  a product/service even if their expectation is not met.

3. Whether you interface with your customers face to face, via telephone calls or online through social media or email,  ensure you are courteous and professional in your dealings at all times.

Remember good customer service is key to a successful business.

Have a good week

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