Don’t just read it, acknowledge it – responding to text messages

I’m sure I wont be the only one who has had the experience of sending a text message and had to wonder whether it was received or not.

What is more interesting is when the recipient confirms receipt of your text message after you eventually get to speak with each other without batting an eye.

Initially, it may leave you wondering whether the text was received or perhaps the recipient is offended. No shaking (no cause for alarm), this is common and may not be anything personal. It appears that people just can’t be bothered to respond, don’t know they ought to respond, don’t feel like incurring the cost of responding or a combination of any of the above.

A few points on texting etiquette are highlighted below:
1. Respond to all text messages as soon as you can even if you are declining a request. It is better to decline a request than to deliberately avoid or keep someone in suspense.

2. If you have not made up your mind regarding a request or invitation, it is advisable to send a preliminary response.
3. If you receive a ‘thank you’ text, don’t just read it, acknowledge it. You could respond by texting back ‘you are welcome’ or ‘thank you too’.

4. Be clear about what you are communicating in your text.

5. Never send abusive text messages. It is a most unwise thing to do. You may regret it after you have calmed down.
6. Never send or forward racist, sexist, or any other offensive messages.

7. Some Nigeria networks take their time before receiving or delivering text messages, so don’t be frustrated if an acknowledgement is late. We are a developing country.

8. Always include your name in your text except you are absolutely sure your name is on the recipient’s contact list.

9. If you have not received a response to a text message after a few days, don’t lose it, send a reminder or give the person a call.

Hopefully, the above will smoothen the rough edges and make life easier for all.

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