Weekly Nugget

Every one of us has our leadership moments because leadership is about influencing people, changing their thoughts, actions and beliefs. Therefore, it important to consider the people under your sphere of influence (siblings, parents, spouses, children, other family members, colleagues, neighbours, friends) and make a conscious effort to influence them positively.

Our advice for this week is to be careful and thoughtful about:

  • what you do
  • what you say
  • how you behave

Your actions, words and behaviour matter.

We all benefit when we do things right!

Photo credit:Isaiah Hankel

Weekly Nugget

When visiting people, there are certain etiquettes that we should observe. These include the following:

1. Do not take a seat before you are offered.
2. Do not touch things like paintings without the consent of your host.
3. Do not go wandering around the place unless you are invited to do so by your host.
4. Lastly, but most importantly do not overstay your welcome.

Remember, we all benefit when we do things right.


Many of us have heard  stories of people who went for job interviews and went missing or came back with soul-draining tales.

Our advice for this week are:

1 Research properly on the company recruiting before honouring their job interview request. No matter how small a company is, it must be traceable, so check their telephone numbers and addresses.

2.Ensure you inform and update your family or friends on the interview venue and details.

3. Do not respond or honour dodgy job offers.

4. The fact that you are desperate for a job does not mean you should throw away commonsense especially in the climate we are. So if something is too good to be true, it probably is.

Remember we all benefit when we do things right


Weekly Nugget

The phrase ‘I appreciate‘ is an incomplete statement, and bad grammar. You have to appreciate something or someone, for example:
1. I appreciate your kind gesture
2. I appreciate you
3. I appreciate your effort
Our advice for this week is when you want to show gratitude for something or to someone, say or write it properly.
We all benefit when we communicate properly.

Weekly Nugget

When walking on the road, especially in areas without pedestrain walkways, it is wiser to do so facing oncoming traffic, as this gives you the opportunity to establish eye contact with approaching motorists, and also to be able to make a quick judgment to protect yourself if necessary.
We benefit when we do things right